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Catalogue NumberCollection CodeFamilyPreview
PO 742InvertebrataCardiidae
PO 751Invertebrata
PO 752InvertebrataOstreidae
PO 002EMammaliaBovidae
PO 003EMammaliaBovidae
PO 004EMammaliaCanidae
PO 005EMammaliaEquidae
PO 006EMammaliaEquidae
PO 007EMammaliaFelidae
PO 008HMammaliaGomphotheridae
PO 009HMammaliaGomphotheridae
PO 010HMammaliaGomphotheridae
PO 011HMammaliaGomphotheridae
PO 012FMammaliaBovidae
PO 013FMammaliaBovidae
PO 014FMammaliaBovidae
PO 743InvertebrataCardiidae
PO 015FMammaliaBovidae
PO 016FMammaliaBovidae
PO 017FMammaliaBovidae
PO 018FMammaliaBovidae
PO 019FMammaliaBovidae
PO 020FMammaliaBovidae
PO 021FMammaliaEquidae
PO 022FMammaliaEquidae
PO 023FMammaliaEquidae
PO 024FMammaliaBovidae
PO 025FMammaliaBovidae
PO 026FMammaliaBovidae
PO 027FMammaliaBovidae
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