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A period of widespread volcanic activity began about 18 million years ago. This period must been rather exciting. Volcanoes spewed ash and lava. Today, neogene volcanic rocks dominate the central western part of the island. They overlie the alpine rocks and comprise andesites, usually dark in colors, rhyolites, light-colored, and various other lava types.


The following lithostratigraphy has been proposed for volcanic rocks of the island from the oldest to the youngest: Eressos Formation (andesites and agglomerates); Skoutaros Formation (basalt and andesite)/Acid Volcanic Unit (Sigri pyroclastics); Polychnitos ignimbrite; Skalochorion Formation; Sykaminea Formation (andesites, dacites and rhyolitic pyroclastics); Mytilene Formation (basalts) and Mesotopos Dykes.
Also, volcanic activity has contributed to the formation of many hot springs (Yera gulf, Polichnitos, Panagia Krifti, Argenos Agios Ioannis Lisvoriou, Eftalou, Thermi), some of which are used as thermal spas.
Another result of the intense volcanic activity is the formation of the petrified forest at the northwestern part of the island. 

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