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Excavations on Lesvos reveal that the island was already inhabited around 5,000 years before present. Between 1,200 and 1,100 BC, Aeolian Greeks came to the island from Thessaly. They founded the mighty city states (poleis) Mythilini, Mythimma (now; Molyvos), Antissa and Eressos. Trade, mostly overseas, and agriculture were the sources of income. It was also the period of the first start of intensive olive oil production of the island.

Λέσβος - Πολιτισμός

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 Lesvos is one of the richest and most important Greek islands as far as fauna is concerned. The island has a great biodiversity mainly because of its geographical location situated between two continents, Europe and Asia. Additionally, Lesvos has a great variety of ecosystems and in good condition, in which cultivations, wetlands, pine forests and deciduous forests are included.

The fauna of the island is very interesting. It is composed by European as well as Asian species because of the neighbouring with Asia Minor. Mammal species like the Persian Squirrel Sciurus anomalus, reptiles like the Coastal Viper Montivipera xanthina, and birds like the Kruper’s Nuthatch Sitta krueperi belong to the fauna of Asia Minor peninsula and their distribution in Greece is restricted only in Lesvos.

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